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Telnet gibi güvenlik açığı olan bir protokol kullanmak yerine giriş bilgilerinizi ve verileri akışlarınızı şifreleyecek daha güvenli olan bir protokol olanSecure Shell (SSH) kullanabilirsiniz. Bu sizi ve verilerinizi daha güvende hisetmenizi sağlayacaktır.
Şimdi adım adım SSH nasıl kurulacağını göreceğiz:

1. Hostname settings are made:

2. The area call is about (right here hostname and area call are required to generate encrypted keys):

3. Encrypted keys are generated to soundly behavior the consultation:

4. We create a username and password.

5. The utmost idle (idle) timer is about for SSH consultation: (assigns person after 60 seconds)

6. The utmost collection of unsuitable entries is about for an SSH connection:

7. We will be able to decide the SSH model.

8. A connection to the vty strains of the router is established:

The closing step is to configure SSH and Telnet as get entry to protocols:

Should you don’t use telnet on the finish of the command line, simplest SSH will paintings at the router. It’s not beneficial to make use of each in combination, as a result of it is vital to understand that SSH is more secure than Telnet.

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